EBE was created to for the purpose of health, self empowerment, strong social connections, community life and so much more.

The original idea came to life from researching and experiencing, how much community and social connection has a big impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. 

Studies have shown people that live in the blue zones, have the longest live span and are the most happiest place on earth. Researcher believe it has to do with their ingrain lifestyle habits, thriving communities and strong social connections with each other. 


Connections is a essential part of the human experience because of this absent in modern world so many current challenges have arise in the past years. 


Now it is time to bring back health, strong thriving community life 

that is build around nature, connecting within ourselves and with each other.

Power of community

Roseto Effect

Hi Guys it's Johnathan

"Your Darkest hour of feeling without, holds the highest potential to birth the light within" 

King Los

Little bit about me and my story.

 I have a deep fascination with the mysteries of life. I always felt there is something more to life; A lot of things in my life had to fall apart for me to be here.

I was experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia, low energy for many years. During that time I put on weight 23 kg, felt stuck in my job and my life was a mess. 

One night trying to sleep but couldn't, I made the decision to find the answer for my health and life.


 I felt inspire to look for the answer, so I went on to research and study the mind, epigenetics, quantum physics, ancient practices, habit change methods, breathing, understand community and other things to restore and create more balance within myself and life.

In this journey in discovering and reinventing myself I found my purpose. I have doubled my energy create so much more balance in my life and I'm so happy I took the leap of faith.

My purpose and mission is about share my knowledge, wisdoms and I'm constantly learning new things and applying these things in my life. 

Also wanted to provided a proven system to facilitate transformation that last for health, life and the for community life!!

If you resonate with my story 

 I invite to take a leap of faith today with a

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For the first level of clarity for your health and life journey 

Good Luck!!!   

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